The Facility

Welcome to Gumpp’s Comfort Kennel!

Our visitors are in the play area 5 times a day or more! New inside gates and face panels, no chain link on bottom half. New kitty condo with trees to climb and high shelves to perch on wish fish to see.

  • The building was completed April 2004.
  • The walls and ceiling have R-30 insulation to maximize comfort in summer and winter.
  • There is also a perimeter fenced yard that wraps around the kennel end of the building and the dogs can exercise.
  • The heated floors have graduated heat to make short hair and long hair dogs comfortable.
  • Air conditioning and exhaust ventilation is also provided.
  • The outside runs are 4′ wide and 18′ long, each with its own end gate to access the playyard.
  • All galvanized fencing is 6′ high.
  • We have roof covers over both the front and back runs. This is especially nice for sunny days or days with light rain. The dogs can still be inside or outside as they choose.

Our Kennels

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAOur main kennel has 20 kennels with spacious 4′ x 6′ inside runs.

Eight pairs of inside kennels can be connected by lifting a “doggie door” between them. We use these runs for dogs of the same family to be together.

insidecageEach kennel is divided with a solid steel panel at the bottom and chain link fencing at the top.

Weather permitting, doggie doors are left open throughout the day so your pet has access to the outdoor runs.

  • Small Dog Area
  • There are 5 runs for small dogs separate from the main kennel.
  • Each has it’s own doggie door and outside run as well the play yard area.